Create live USB image of OS

Today I have pointed out that my liveUsb-creator has been damaged.But I have to give my friend live USB image of fedora 16.So I was searching the python code which can convert the DVD image to live USB image. At last I got image-usb-stick.Then I extracted the code.After doing some following steps live USB image has been created—

1. [Biraj@ASUS ~]$ cd abock-image-usb-stick-f3b1002/
2. [Biraj@ASUS abock-image-usb-stick-f3b1002]$ chmod a+x ./image-usb-stick
3. Insert the USB storage device for making it a Live USB device.
4. [Biraj@ASUS ~]$ sudo ./image-usb-stick path_of_the_live_image.iso

Example :

[Biraj@ASUS abock-image-usb-stick-f3b1002]$ chmod a+x ./image-usb-stick
[Biraj@ASUS abock-image-usb-stick-f3b1002]$ sudo ./image-usb-stick /media/Masti/os/Fedora_16_i386.iso
Loading disks…
Select a device to image:

1) DataTraveler_G3 (/dev/sdc) – 8 GB
– DataTraveler_G3 (/dev/sdc1) – 8 GB

Choice: 1

Selected: DataTraveler_G3 (/dev/sdc) – 8 GB

Device has one or more mounted partitions:

/dev/sdc1 @ /media/9892-DDEB

Unmount all partitions? [Y/N]: y
WARNING: imaging /dev/sdc may result in data loss! Continue? [Y/N]: y
100% 0:05:52 [================================================] ETA 0:00:00

Enjoy it .

Link : image-usb-stick (

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[Event Report] Indic FirefoxOS L10n Sprint 2014

Hi guys,

Blogging is the very important part of any event. That’s why after every event , I used to write one short blog with most important things what happened in that event. So now I would like to share gist of this event .

So, this was the first official l10n event which was hosted by Mozilla exclusively. Red Hat Software Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. helped to organized the Indic Firefox OS Localization Workshop, which mainly focuses on the translation of Firefox OS into 13 Indian languages – Assamese, Bengali-India, Gujarati, Kannada, Hindi, Maithili, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu as well as translation quality review and testing on Firefox OS reference devices.

In this event 2-3 members of each of the 13 Indian locales teams got the invitation for attending this event. Also 3 mozilla staffs were there – Arky , Delphine Lebédel , Peiying Mo. Also one important thing , this event could not possible without Ani and Rajesh from Redhat.

First day, after registration, participants introduced themselves. Then Arky and Delphine gave short introduction about Firefox OS: Road plan. After tea break, Localization testing given by Delphine which is really very fantastic. Before lunch, Rajesh demonstrate some idea about Glossary, Terminology, Style Guide of Fuel which is really very essential for good translation.


In next half, we have started with full fledged Localization Sprint / QA Testing. Bengali-India , Maithili had done their localization. So we started with QA testing and other team were focusing to complete the translation.

At the end of the day, stats of the event is below


First day at night, we had dinner at Barbeque Nation, Amanora Park Town. Food was awesome. First day was really productive.


At the second day, we again started with Localization Sprint / QA Testing. Delphine gave 13 flame phones to 13 team leaders.


Then followed by Round table Discussion: Firefox OS L10N: Challenges and Opportunities. After tea break going forward with Future Community Event Plans. At last, feedback was collected from the participants.

Final report is here

IMG_2051Special kudos to Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, Maithili, Punjabi, Tamil teams for completing the translations 100% and rest of the languages who are nearing completion. Also we have to keep an eye on your language even if you are 100% completed, as the string freeze is on June 20th and you might have updates coming in till then. We got massive contribution from all the teams with in 2 days.

After that we took a group pic ……..

finalLast day , we took our food at Barleyz in pune.

A special thanks to Chris and Mozilla for all the support and assistance provided for the event.

We are really looking forward some more and more events like this in India. We really enjoyed in this event. I am feeling great to be a part of this event.

The event has own huge success . You can find all tweets here

Some important informations are in this link .

All Photos :

I hope every one likes this blog after reading it :D ;)

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Firefox OS App Days in Mukti’14

We all know that “Firefox OS anticipates your needs, adapts to every situation and instantly delivers the information you want.It gives you the power to live every moment to its fullest and participate in a better world.” We want more apps on this mobile operating system.

That’s why I think that we need one Firefox OS App Days in our Mozilla Durgapur community, one of the fastest growing mozilla community in Durgapur. I was just wondering  a right place for that ………….


One day, I got a invitation letter from Mukti 2014 for organizing one mozilla event there. Let me tell a brief about Mukti 2014,  the 9th edition of NITDGP’s Annual Technical Symposium on Open Source, MUKTI 2014 from the 31st of January to the 2nd of February, 2014,The GNU/Linux Users’ Group, NIT Durgapur was established in 2003 by a bunch of FOSS enthusiasts with the objective of spreading awareness about the world of Free and Open Source Softwares and popularising their use in the campus.MUKTI, the only FOSS Festival of Eastern India, is a three-day meet at NIT Durgapur where we celebrate the freedom of Open Source. Owing to the success attained by it in recent years, it attracts a lot of participation and the number just keeps growing with each passing year. The intense atmosphere of competition is doubled up with Talks and Workshops by few of the brightest and most active minds in the Indian Open Source community.

In my word ” this is the only one foss event where we meet with many opensource guys.” That’s why I really like this this event.

I took decision that this was the right place for Firefox OS App Days.Then I was arranged all those stuffs which were really needed for this event with the coordination of NIT guys.Check out the event page :

Now, I am going tell about the actual scenario of this event. Here , we got 150+ participants for attending this event . In this event , we had 6 speakers.This event was for two days. They gave separate sessions


Mozilla: Mission, Products and Projects - Shahid Farooqui

Introduction of Firefox OS - Umesh Agarwal

How to develop Firefox OS app [hands-on session] – Biraj Karmakar

Firefox Developer tools and App Manager – Kaustav Modak

Mozilla Web API - Jai Pradeesh

App Demo – Gourab Patra


App Development Workshop for Firefox OS and App demo

FSA – A tool for teching, learning and promoting open web. –  Shahid Farooqui

So, Shahid ji started the event with Mozilla: Mission ,  then Umesh pull the rope with Firefox OS Intro After that Jai gave his session on Mozilla Web API. then most experienced guy Kaustav showed Firefox Developer tools and App Manager . Next , I gave a hands-on session on Firefox OS App Development making “Hello world app on Firefox OS app” which is most important for any beginner Firefox OS developer. Then Gaurab showed some app demo on that.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

after the sessions we got a lot of questions from the event.We six people were enough for answering the questions.This was how the event was ended.

After the event , we headed for Dinner at Mainland Chaina. This was the great enjoyable moment for us.

At the next day, we stated with app development.First we picked up the app Idea from the participants.


Then the participants made group among them with max 3 members. Then they made some cool app like Word Converter, Video player , Currency Converter etc. We are looking forward to help those guys who are interested submitting apps in Market place.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then We gave rating based on their apps. Then we provide T-shirts , Tote bag , stickers etc cool swags among the participants.

Then we took Group photo.


The second day ended with great success .Specially, I would like to thank Saurabh,Vivek, Anish, Prateek, Jeet, Harshit and others who made this event possible.

Some people were really excited getting this Firefox OS device Keon .

We got lots of beautiful comments on this event . One of these is here :

Harshit Agarwal  : “I thank you on behalf of GLUG for gracing MUKTI 2014 and giving an enlightening workshop on Mozilla OS Apps. We look forward to more such sessions!” check out it

At last, I would like share one line with you “I was very glad to be a guest speaker of MUKTI 14 as well as organizer of #FirefoxOSAppDays in #mukti14 i.e the only #FOSS Festival of Eastern #India

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Today, I would like to share a brief story of Mozilla event in Barasat on 5th Jan,2014.This was the first event in Barasat. The event was started sharp 12.00 am at noon with Mozilla Mission. After that I discussed Firefox OS with Developer preview phone Keon.Some people also checked the Firefox OS phone (Keon).

Then we have started our 2nd session with Localization.Actually, here we discussed mainly with Bengali-India l10n . They have been learnt how to do l10n work and what are the specific rules for localization etc.Hopefully, we would get 5 new localizer for Bengali-India.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next session was for Webmaker mainly. Here people got to learn the basic things of Webmaker and how to remix the Thimble page , how to use Popcorn etc.We have discussed related mozilla codebase. Atlast  people got to learn about MDN and how to create new docs and edit etc.

This event was really great ! The audience of this event was satisfied very much. Then we went to a Mouchak’s restaurant for our lunch. We enjoyed very much.

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Google d3vf3st Kolkata and Firefox App Day In a BOX

Hello all

It is the time to share my journey about Google d3vf3st Kolkata with Firefox App Day In a BOX where I visited in the last week in Kolkata. It was really fabulous and I enjoyed very much with other Mozillians and members of GDG.

This event was took place at Hotel Hindustan International for two days.At the very first day , Google developers showcased about different products and the benefit of using them. After that, one developer gave a remote session on Google Maps . After all the first day event was really cool.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the second day, We started our journey with Firefox and Developers tools by Kaustav Das Modak. Then Jai took one session on Web API. After that We showed our Firefox OS technology to the audience. Then we asked audience to propose their ideas on Apps and some interesting ideas came up,including an alarm app , call recording app etc.

The app ideas are here in an etherpad.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Two days lunch was really great and delicious.

Then we distributed the swags to different participants with amazing App ideas.
After that there was a session on Android App development by Badrinath Kulkarni which was pretty good. After that, event was ended with group photo session.



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Hack Jam 2 @ BCREC

When Mozilla Dugapur kicked off Hack Jam @ BCREC , We hoped that it would catch the fire. Yes …………………..

We got the the success today. It was really awesome. More than 80 students attended this session. We tried hard to make this Makerparty celebration of webmaking even bigger and better.  And thanks to the incredible work of contributors around the Durgapur, it was!

Now I would like share a brief Makerparty story of this event Hack Jam 2 @ BCREC .It was the biggest event in BCREC also till now.

First question raised in our mind is ” What is Hack Jam 2 @ BCREC ?” Actually, here we do basically draw our idea for web/app/popcorn Let’s Party – Hands on session with webmaker tools Remix Websites with the X-Ray Goggles. Hack the Web with Thimble. But that time we also included Mini App Day also.

We kicked off our event sharp at 10.30 am with Registration . After that Avik took the introductory session. Then Devyani caught up Thimble overview.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then Umesh picked up his favorite webmaker tool Popcorn Maker and gave a hands on session. Then we adderssed our newest webmaker team . Then  we gave time for Popcorn Hackathon to the students.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now is my time to tell what I did there . First picked up X ray goggles and showed the Hands on session . Then next 15 minutes for X ray goggles hackathon .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Till that time , we were hungry for food. We had completed our lunch with some special crunchy tasty food and cold drinks also.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After that we backed in our makerparty mood at sharp 2.00 pm. So , me and Amitshree gave Firefox OS app hands on session. Then I showed some firefox os apps demo also.Then we hosted on app hackathon for 40 min. We hosted one quiz round for all. At that time we completed judgement of all the webmaker’s makes. Then we announced the name of the winners on the basis of quiz .  They also the gave their feedback  regarding this event. Then we gave then prizes and swags.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After distributing the swags and all, some group photos were taken .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After all , it was really awesome event. I would personally like to thank  Umesh Agarwal , Amit Kumar Thakur for collaborating with me to organize this awesome  event . Also thanks to volunteers who gave their best efforts.

Mozilla Durgapur is one of the fastest growing community in the world. Feeling great to be a part of this community as well as Mozilla India.

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FUEL GILT Conference 2013

I would like to describe my experience during FUEL GILT 2013,Pune in this blog. It was my first conference on Localization in my life. It was amazing for me. I have learnt quite a good understanding of Localization ,Globalization, Indic font, translation tools etc..

First of all , I would like to thank Redhat and CDAC for jointly hosting FUEL GILT Conference 2013. Also thanks Mozilla for giving me chance to attend this conference and special thanks goes to Mr. Rajesh Ranjan who is the main person behind FUEL GILT .

It was two days conference. Here , a lot of open source community members came from Mozilla ,Wikimedia etc. I got a chance to meet with these energetic people.

At the first day, Mr. Satish Mohan and Mr. M. D. Kulkarni gave talk to the audience and motivated them regarding FUEL efforts. After tea break, we got many sessions like FUEL: Content, Collaboration and Consistency by Mr. Rajesh Ranjan , Community and Language Engineering by Mr. Ravikant,Towards generation of translation memories from varied file formats from distributed/unorganized data by Mr. Rajat Gupta. Specially I liked Zanata – An Open Source Translation Tool that builds with your Community by Ms. Ani Peter & Mr. Isaac Rooskov . Zanata is wonderful tool for Translation.

After that we got to know what is “STE”. The full form of STE is Simplified Technical English . This session was taken by Ms. Sushma Chitta. After some lightening talk , we got a chance to know Fuel style guide and UTRRS by Mr. Chandrakant Dhutadmal and Mr. Satyabrata Maitra respectively.

One of the best talk I liked , Translation Assessment by Mr. Ankitkumar Patel and Internationalization and Wikipedia by Mr. Kartik Mistry. At the end of the day, I gave also feedback on this event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Second day keynote by Mr. Sam Pitroda was great. After that, talk by Mr. Guntupalli Karunakar on “Indic fonts: Guidelines and Standardization” was very educative. Then  Indic fonts: Guidelines and Standardization by Mr. Arjuna Rao Chavala and Evolution of IMEs for Indian Languages by Mr. Pravin Satpute were really great. I enjoyed interaction with Mr. Pravin during his talk.

At last,Open Panel Discussion was arranged with Mr. Satish MohanMr. M. D. KulkarniMr. RavikantMr. Sudhanwa JogalekarMr. Harshad Gune .

Finally, the conference was ended by Mr. Chandrakant Dhutadmal with Valedictory and Vote of Thanks.

Here I missed my mentor Runa, works at Wikimedia,  who brought me to world of Localization and Opensource.

Finally some group photos were taken .

Over all it was great Conference. I am looking forward to attend the next one in the future.

Again I would like to thank  Mr. Rajesh Ranjan,  Mr. Chandrakant Dhutadmal ,Mr. Ankitkumar Patel for making it a successful project and an event.

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Evangelism Reps Training & MDN Doc Sprint

Now the time is for Blogging ………………..

I came first time Bangalore for Evangelism Reps Training & MDN Doc Sprint . So, first of all I would like to thank Mozilla giving me this chance to attend this event.

This event was about the Evangelism Reps program is designed for all skill levels – from beginners wanting extensive training and mentoring, to supporting Mozillians who are already partaking in speaking engagements. This training will empower Mozillians like you to be the ‘Voice of Mozilla’ and help extend Mozilla evangelism efforts even further.

Christian Heilmann, Robert Nyman, and Ali Spivak came
to India for a week long tour. As part of the tour the team hosted: Mozilla Evangelism Reps Training by Christian Heilmann & Robert Nymam who are industry leaders and experts in spreading the word on HTML5, new web technologies, Mozilla’s mission, its projects and products Mozilla Developer Engagement practices & MDN Doc Sprint Training by Ali Spivak , MDN Product Manager.

First day of this event was very great. Christian Heilmann took the first session on “How to take presentation in better way ?”
I got typical knowledge in many things like What makes a good presentation , Screencasting software ,Screenshot software and cropping ,How to use social media to promote your talk etc.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then me , Dron and Soumya gave one demo presentation on Firefox OS. After that we had some discussion with Robert on HTML5.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now we have to come at scenario of the 2nd day . We all started to giving presentation on Firefox OS tools, Simulator , adaptive search etc. So, me Dron and Soumya gave a presentation on Firefox OS simulator . Then Ali took a session on Demoing Firefox OS Device. After the training , Kautav gave one trail demo with Christian and me with Ali.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After that, Ali showed how to contribute in MDN. And then we took some group photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We enjoyed a lot there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After all it was great event.

Mozilla Rocks !!

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Hack Jam @ BCREC

Yeah , welcome back………….

Today, I would like to share some thing with you people.Actually, I saw Webmaker T-Shirt some months ago.From that day, my dream was that when I will wear this. Finally It comes true.
Ok..let’s go ahead with the event report. Today me, Umesh and some volunteers named Souradeep,Utpal,Zubin,Ravi,Amit,Atish organized a event called Hack Jam @ BCREC at our college.More than 70 people came in this event.  Some NIT Durgapur’s students also attended this event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The main motto of the event is Remix Websites with the X-Ray Goggles. Hack the Web with Thimble End of the party.

First of all, we planned that how we proceeded in our event…..

Through me the event had been started with Mozilla Mission and continued by Umesh with Mozilla Webmaker. After that I gave Introduction Of Firefox OS.Then Souradeep and Subhendu gave HTML5 and CSS3 respectively.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After that we all helped the students to remix the web and video also how to play with thimble.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some published thimble pages by our participants.
By Utpal Kumar :
By Smriti Roy :

After that we gave them some tasks. At last, we distributed the webmaker swags among the students.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Event ended up with taking some group photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are proud to be a Mozillian as well as Firefox lover.

After all, it was super cool event.

Thanking You,

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My 1st Firefox OS APP

Hello everyone , after a long time back I have come to write in my Blog. First of all, I am always very interested to attend the Firefox OS app days. First time I visited at Format@BESU to attend the Firefox OS app days. From that event , I have decided that I will make any real time app which will helped Firefox OS user. There I have met with great App developers. They are very interesting guys and helped me a lot.

After that, I was thinking and thinking …..One day, I got an idea to make Time zone converter which helps people to change the time zone from one to another and it also helps the Indian Mozillians for their meeting purpose . From Now no need of Internet Searching ..

Now the Time Zone Converter is ready for use. After that I have submitted it in Firefox marketplace.

Yesterday morning , I saw that “App Approved: Time Zone Converter” in my mail. It was my one dream.

Okay…Let’s see what is it….

Again I am telling, that it is a time zone converter. For this application , no need of internet.

Here we have to give date and time in a format as it is specified. If want to use Date /Time pick up , First select the time with the help of list box and then choose the date.

After that pressed the required button to change the time zone and you will get an alert of that time in that particular time zone. Also there is a refresh button for clearing.

EX. GMT/UTC to IST or IST to PST like that.

Use Demo

App: Time Zone Converter

You can download it from above link for Firefox OS. It’s totally free.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, I am feeling excited very much to be a mozillian.


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The first ever Mozilla Contributor Mentoring got organized in Durgapur on 17th Apr,2013 at BCREC. Actually, this event for only new contributors. Here newbies will be trained how they can learn about IRC,mailing list etc as well as the basics of communication, collaboration and contribution of the Mozilla community. Almost 50+ people came .

The agenda of the event

  • Introduction to IRC
  • Introduction to mailing-lists
  • Tracking bugs on Bugzilla
  • Basics of Locamotion
  • Basics of SUMO (More emphasis on Firefoxos Video contest 2013)

First of all , I and chandan began talking about out initiative and why this event is important for new contributor.Then we collected the interest(Localization,Code base,SUMO,Design) from the people and noted it down. Then We divided the group on their interested .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the mean time , We showed this people how we can communicate in IRC using chatzilla,X-chat also told some basic commands about IRC. Gave them a demo chat session between those people.
After that we came to mailing-lists. Here we showed them some rule i.e how to reply in mailing-list etc.
According to their interest , four groups has been formed —

Design Group
Code Base
SUMO and Localization
The first group was laid by umesh. He showed the interest how you can join firefox filcks competition . Also told some basics of design etc.10 People are in this group.

The second group was laid by Souradeep ,Apporve and Zubin . They told them how to tracking mozilla code base bugs,how to solve that bug via different languages like python , c etc. Approve told about webmaker tools. He and Zubin gave some demo sessions on Thimble, Popcorn Maker and X-Ray Goggles. 25 people are in this group.

Last and third group was laid by me and amit. I showed them how to register in locamotion,how any one do translation via locamotion. Giving them some sample of rules how to do that.Also showing some style guides for their native language. After that amitshree told about of sumo i.e main features of sumo, how contributors work with that.Rest of the people are in this group.

After that we some took group photos.

It’s was very nice event. At least we will get 25 + contributor who will continue with us.

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