How to install vlc fedora 14


VLC Media Player is a powerful media player which lets you play most media codecs and video formats today. It supports Windows, Mac and Linux systems, including Fedora. It can handle DVDs, SVCDs, Audio CDs, Web streams, QuickTime, WMV, DivX, MPEG2 – 4, MOV and many more. It is one of the few media players that is gaining a lot of support among Windows and Linux users



Getting started:


To get started, go to System –> Administration –> Add/Remove Software.




Then select ‘System –> Software Sources’




Next, put a check into the box next to ‘RPM Fusion for Fedora 14 – Free’ and close.




Next, search for and and install ‘VLC’ . When prompted to install additional software, click ‘Continue’.





After installing, go to Applications –> Sound & Video –> VLC media player.








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