Xchat download for Fedora 14


paste this location URL


then on that page select binary package or source package


type in the terminal

su –



# yum install xchat


$ rpm -q xchat


When  You tried to /join #fedora, but for some reason You ended up in #fedora-unregistered?
  1. fedora requires you to register with freenode and identify with nickserv before you can join the channel.
  2. You write this under free node /msg nickserv register <password> <email> (Remove this"<>") or
See http://www.wikihow.com/Register-a-User-Name-on-Freenode for information on how to do this. Once you are identified you can join the main #fedora channel for support. How to join IRC
  1. Open X-Chat: Applications > Internet > IRC
  2. Type your choice of Nick name, User name and Real name
  3. Highlight FreeNode (formerly OpenProjects.net) and click Edit. Image:Communicate_IRCHowTo_xchat-server-list.png
And then click on Edit after that tick in Use in global information choose Fav. channel & nickserver password and close

Meeting Protocol

This only applies to certain IRC meetings. Others are usually more casual.
  1. Please watch what others are doing and do not interrupt
    If you have a question, type “?”
    If you need to speak, type “!”
    If you’re done speaking, type “eof”
    If you agree, type “+1”

you can know more please visit here  fedora-unity-project-meeting-guidelines

Basic IRC commands

  • /help – Shows all commands.
  • /nick NewNickName – Changes the NickName (limited to 9 characters).
  • /names – Shows all NickNames on that channel.
  • /whois NickName – Shows basic whois info for a NickName. To see more info, use /msg NickServ info NickName
  • /away AwayMessage – Leaves a message when you are away from channel. Use /away by itself when you return.
  • /quit QuitMessage – Leaves a message when you quit IRC channel.
  • see more http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/irctutorial.html#cmds (Paste its in your borwser)

create a login script for a private channel in X-Chat

$ cd ~/.xchat2
$ vi login-script.txt

msg chanserv invite #private-channel
join #private-channel

Use following information in X-Chat:
  • IRC Server: irc.freenode.net
  • Channels to join: #private-channel
  • Connect command: load -e ~/.xchat2/login-script.txt
  • Server password: {your password}

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