Create live USB image of OS


Today I have pointed out that my liveUsb-creator has been damaged.But I have to give my friend live USB image of fedora 16.So I was searching the python code which can convert the DVD image to live USB image. At last I got image-usb-stick.Then I extracted the code.After doing some following steps live USB image has been created—

1. [Biraj@ASUS ~]$ cd abock-image-usb-stick-f3b1002/
2. [Biraj@ASUS abock-image-usb-stick-f3b1002]$ chmod a+x ./image-usb-stick
3. Insert the USB storage device for making it a Live USB device.
4. [Biraj@ASUS ~]$ sudo ./image-usb-stick path_of_the_live_image.iso

Example :

[Biraj@ASUS abock-image-usb-stick-f3b1002]$ chmod a+x ./image-usb-stick
[Biraj@ASUS abock-image-usb-stick-f3b1002]$ sudo ./image-usb-stick /media/Masti/os/Fedora_16_i386.iso
Loading disks…
Select a device to image:

1) DataTraveler_G3 (/dev/sdc) – 8 GB
– DataTraveler_G3 (/dev/sdc1) – 8 GB

Choice: 1

Selected: DataTraveler_G3 (/dev/sdc) – 8 GB

Device has one or more mounted partitions:

/dev/sdc1 @ /media/9892-DDEB

Unmount all partitions? [Y/N]: y
WARNING: imaging /dev/sdc may result in data loss! Continue? [Y/N]: y
100% 0:05:52 [================================================] ETA 0:00:00

Enjoy it.

Link : image-usb-stick (


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