Install Fedora without CD/DVD


Today I was thinking one thing that how to install fedora without cd/dvd because after 6 or 7 months new version comes with up gradation .So I think it is wastage of cd/dvd.So It is a trick that helps to install fedora without cd/dvd.

For installation,I need one downloaded on DVD iso and FAT32/ext2/ext3 partition which you will not format during installation.


*****Do all these steps under root.
Step 1 : Move the Fedora DVD iso to any DRIVE(eg.C:\,D:\)

Step 2:
[root@biraj biraj]# mount /media/OS/Fedora-16-DVD-i686.iso /mnt/ -ro loop

Step 3:Copy the initrd.img and vmlinuz to /boot/ partition
[root@biraj biraj]# cd /mnt/isolinux/ [Enter]
[root@biraj isolinux]# cp initrd.img vmlinuz /boot/

Step 4:Create grub entry for booting into Fedora 16
Add these lines at the end of your /boot/grub/grub.conf file.
title Fedora 16 (New installation)
kernel /vmlinuz
initrd /initrd.img

Step 5 : Note the device having Fedora DVD iso
[root@biraj biraj]# df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda6 15G 6.4G 7.9G 45% /
tmpfs 497M 432K 496M 1% /dev/shm
/dev/sda5 485M 49M 412M 11% /boot
/dev/sda8 33G 7.7G 23G 25% /home
/dev/sda4 32G 32G 164M 100% /media/OS
/dev/sda2 40G 13G 27G 33% /media/Education

In this case /dev/sda4 contains Fedora DVD iso. Note this down as you need it later.

Step 6 : Reboot
Reboot your system and boot into the Fedora 16 (New installation) grub entry.

Step 7 : Install from hard disk
While in installation wizard, select “Hard drive” as installation method and choose /dev/sda4 as it contains the Fedora DVD iso.

and rest is easy.

Hope it will help…….


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