Firefox OS App Days in BESU,Kolkata


In BESU, Firefox OS app days got great success . This event was divided into two days. I attended  firefox os app day first time.

In the first day, Vineel took the introduction session.Then Sayak continued with what is Firefox OS. After that, Robin and Avinash showed them some firefox os examples. After lunch , debloper just continued with some hands on session for making an app. Robin and Hirdfire also described about some codes of Apps.After that I took a small session on jquerymobile . Jquerymobile helps those people who don’t have much knowledge of html,css and js.

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In the second day, Hackathon was there. More than 100 participants made their apps. After the lunch those students demonstrated their apps in front of audience. More than 30 apps were developed. Then Robin took one session on submitting apps in market place.After that , participants were got their stickers,badges,T-shirts etc.Then Vineel announced the closing of this event.

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Then me and vineel,sayak,avinash,robin,soumya,subhasis,gourab,avik took our dinner                                  outside.We took group pic also.

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I enjoyed very much. 🙂


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