MozCelebs 15 @ Durgapur


To me, the Web is beautiful and magnetic. A hive of creativity and freedom. And together we have taken on the awesome task of protecting that freedom. It’s one of the many things I love about Mozilla.

So,today is the 15th years of MOZILLA.So we were really exciting for that.We(me,chandan,umesh,aavrug,mritunjay and others) arranged a birthday celebration of mozilla at at Evelyn Restaurant, Bidhannagar, Durgapur.

Actually agendas were

  • Introduction of all the participants
  • Celebrate 15 years of mozilla
  • Review of the previous MozCafe
  • Monthly Meetup
  • Identifying contributors in various projects
  • How to organize a Mozilla camp in NIT Durgapur

In the mean time, The table got draped in red and eye catching Mozilla booth cloth. Laden with badges, bands and stickers of the mozilla . Then came in that amazing chocolate cake.

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The event was started at 1 PM with the introduction of contributors and how they are involved with Mozilla. There were few new enthusiast also who were having eager to know about Mozilla community and how they can support the web.

We cut the birth day cake and celebrate the time with a lot of enjoyments.Celebrations followed for the next 15 minutes.

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After that we had finished our some meeting like reviewing of the previous MozCafe@BCREC,Monthly Meetup ,Identifying contributors in various projects, organizing a Mozilla camp in NIT Durgapur.We also told them  how mozilla came into existence and helping us to make the web open for all.

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In the mean time lunch was ready.So we took our lunch.Lunch food was very delicious.

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After taking lunch ,a date was selected this weekend (07th of April 2013) when me, chandan, umesh and a few others would come and conduct talk sessions and a few hands on sessions to get the people associated with Mozilla.

Then the times came for group photos …

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This day was really awesome and mind blowing. It got great success with present and future mozillians .Finally, event was ended at 4 PM.I am feeling great to be part of Mozilla community.

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