My story !! How I become a mozilla contributor


Yes,now the time for me that I get a chance to express how I become a mozilla contributor.I am waiting for this moment ……

It’s a quite long story. Before B.Tech admission I don’t know about open source and foss. In my college hostel I met with one of my senior Sayan. He told about what is open source etc .I met another two guys Kushal and rtnpro(they are also from my college) through Sayan . They told me how can I contribute in open source like fedora,mozilla etc. After that, my interest came on how to contribute in FOSS.

First of all,I started this journey with the localization of Transifex,Fedora.That time runa and sankarshan helped me a lot in this field.One day runa told me that “Do you want to contribute in Mozilla Thunder Bird Localization” –this line brought me in mozilla .So,I told her that I had no problem and I want to do those thing.Then she helped me a lot to get involved, she helped me to understand how localization works other basic things and by step by step, i got a huge knowledge regarding mozilla localization.

Then she vouched for me hg level 1 access. After that ,I also worked with her in Firefox OS Localization. Till now I am working with Runa firefox aurora  translation.She is my path follower and guider for becoming a mozilla contributor.

Special thanks goes to her.

Now I am mozilla reps from India.Gradually ,I have started working in sumo and Firefox OS app development.

I am feeling very nice to be part of Mozilla family.

Again special thanks to mozilla for giving an opportunity to work with mozillians.


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