Today We(me,Shahid,chandan,aavrug,mritunjay,umesh,amit) have arranged Mozconnect@Durgapur where we need to connect potential contributors identified in this MozCafe. Connecting reps, volunteers, and identified contributors.

The objective of this event is to review of previous MozCafe held in Durgapur on 13th February 2013.


  • Introduction of all the participants
  • Review of the previous MozCafe
  • Monthly Meetup
  • Identifying contributors in various projects
  • Discussion on Offline translation tools and manual testing<starting point for contributing to web-qa>
  • Presentation of Rajesh Ranjan paper on Context in technical Translation: concept and guidelines.

We need to discuss on several topics including establishment of monthly meet-up, invite more people and get them involve in various projects.

First of all , all the participants expressed their contributions. Then chandan took one session on how to improve localization system. Then me and amit covered one sessions on SUMO. Then we finished our lunch.

After lunch we back into meeting where we decided that we will arrange a monthly meet up for new contributors and a team team has been built for firefox flicks.

Then we took a group photo.



It was mind blowing mozilla meetup. I am glad to be a mozillian as well as member of mozilla community. We have got great success.


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