My 1st Firefox OS APP


Hello everyone , after a long time back I have come to write in my Blog. First of all, I am always very interested to attend the Firefox OS app days. First time I visited at Format@BESU to attend the Firefox OS app days. From that event , I have decided that I will make any real time app which will helped Firefox OS user. There I have met with great App developers. They are very interesting guys and helped me a lot.

After that, I was thinking and thinking …..One day, I got an idea to make Time zone converter which helps people to change the time zone from one to another and it also helps the Indian Mozillians for their meeting purpose . From Now no need of Internet Searching ..

Now the Time Zone Converter is ready for use. After that I have submitted it in Firefox marketplace.

Yesterday morning , I saw that “App Approved: Time Zone Converter” in my mail. It was my one dream.

Okay…Let’s see what is it….

Again I am telling, that it is a time zone converter. For this application , no need of internet.

Here we have to give date and time in a format as it is specified. If want to use Date /Time pick up , First select the time with the help of list box and then choose the date.

After that pressed the required button to change the time zone and you will get an alert of that time in that particular time zone. Also there is a refresh button for clearing.

EX. GMT/UTC to IST or IST to PST like that.

Use Demo

App: Time Zone Converter

You can download it from above link for Firefox OS. It’s totally free.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, I am feeling excited very much to be a mozillian.



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