Hack Jam @ BCREC


Yeah , welcome back………….

Today, I would like to share some thing with you people.Actually, I saw Webmaker T-Shirt some months ago.From that day, my dream was that when I will wear this. Finally It comes true.
Ok..let’s go ahead with the event report. Today me, Umesh and some volunteers named Souradeep,Utpal,Zubin,Ravi,Amit,Atish organized a event called Hack Jam @ BCREC at our college.More than 70 people came in this event.  Some NIT Durgapur’s students also attended this event.

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The main motto of the event is Remix Websites with the X-Ray Goggles. Hack the Web with Thimble End of the party.

First of all, we planned that how we proceeded in our event…..

Through me the event had been started with Mozilla Mission and continued by Umesh with Mozilla Webmaker. After that I gave Introduction Of Firefox OS.Then Souradeep and Subhendu gave HTML5 and CSS3 respectively.

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After that we all helped the students to remix the web and video also how to play with thimble.

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Some published thimble pages by our participants.
By Utpal Kumar : https://utpalk1.makes.org/thimble/proud-to-be-an-indian-cricket-team
By Smriti Roy : https://smriti.makes.org/thimble/remix-of-remix-of-movie-poster-hack

After that we gave them some tasks. At last, we distributed the webmaker swags among the students.

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Event ended up with taking some group photos.

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We are proud to be a Mozillian as well as Firefox lover.

After all, it was super cool event.

Thanking You,


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