Evangelism Reps Training & MDN Doc Sprint


Now the time is for Blogging ………………..

I came first time Bangalore for Evangelism Reps Training & MDN Doc Sprint . So, first of all I would like to thank Mozilla giving me this chance to attend this event.

This event was about the Evangelism Reps program is designed for all skill levels – from beginners wanting extensive training and mentoring, to supporting Mozillians who are already partaking in speaking engagements. This training will empower Mozillians like you to be the ‘Voice of Mozilla’ and help extend Mozilla evangelism efforts even further.

Christian Heilmann, Robert Nyman, and Ali Spivak came
to India for a week long tour. As part of the tour the team hosted: Mozilla Evangelism Reps Training by Christian Heilmann & Robert Nymam who are industry leaders and experts in spreading the word on HTML5, new web technologies, Mozilla’s mission, its projects and products Mozilla Developer Engagement practices & MDN Doc Sprint Training by Ali Spivak , MDN Product Manager.

First day of this event was very great. Christian Heilmann took the first session on “How to take presentation in better way ?”
I got typical knowledge in many things like What makes a good presentation , Screencasting software ,Screenshot software and cropping ,How to use social media to promote your talk etc.

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Then me , Dron and Soumya gave one demo presentation on Firefox OS. After that we had some discussion with Robert on HTML5.

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Now we have to come at scenario of the 2nd day . We all started to giving presentation on Firefox OS tools, Simulator , adaptive search etc. So, me Dron and Soumya gave a presentation on Firefox OS simulator . Then Ali took a session on Demoing Firefox OS Device. After the training , Kautav gave one trail demo with Christian and me with Ali.

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After that, Ali showed how to contribute in MDN. And then we took some group photos.

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We enjoyed a lot there.

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After all it was great event.

Mozilla Rocks !!


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