2nd Event on Common Voice, Kolkata


After getting huge success on the first event of Common Voice, we plan to organize another event on Common Voice for the Bengali language. This time the event was a little bit big, 70 people came up.

According to our last event plan, this time we first demonstrated about Common Voice. Then we have shared our criteria for writing sentences.

Here are some criteria to help participants write their own sentences:

  • Ideally, it should take 5 seconds to read each sentence and no more than 10 seconds. So aim for sentences around 5 to 10 words.
  • 1 or 2 words sentences is also ok, but not for all sentences! Try to have a mix of short and medium-sized sentences, but try to keep them all under 10 seconds.
  • Try to use as many different words as possible. This will help the machine to enrich its vocabulary.
  • Including sentences with punctuation (ex !,?) is also great to have but do not stress yourself if you can’t think of any.
  • If your language is using any special symbols (ex.â, ü, ß, š) that’s great. Using those actually helps the machine to distinguish different sounds.
  • Try to include proper nouns (first names, streets names, places, etc).
  • Numbers are fine, but please spell the number rather than write the digits (ie. “five-hundred twenty-seven” is rather than “527”)

Then we distributed the white papers. They started writing down sentences with full enthusiasm.

This time again me and few Mozilla volunteers (Mahay Alam Khan from Bangladesh, Shiladittya Paul, Shouvik Mukherjee, Debraj from India) who is still trying those sentences for digital submission. Special thanks go to you guys.

This time we got also a huge success. Thanks, Mozilla for again giving us a nice opportunity to engage a general audience in this event. At last being a  professional Bengali linguist, it’s pleasure to work with this project.

Hopefully next time we can organize another big event.


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