Global Sprint Kolkata – Focus on Common Voice


Sorry to come late into my blog. Due to my personal problem, I could not get time to blog about this event.

We all know this year Mozilla organized a two-day collaborative hackathon, the 2018 Global Sprint, which was really fun around the world. As a part of this global event, we also organized one small event in Barasat, Kolkata on Common Voice for the Bengali language.

As we all know that Mozilla’s one of the biggest initiatives is to teach machines how real people speak, that’s the Common Voice project.  During this Global Sprint, they asked the world to help launch Common Voice in new languages by writing or collecting non-English sentences for people to read. We were glad to take part in the Bengali language.

Here I organized this event in a different way. First I invited general people who are not tech savvy. Some kids also were present there. Total 25 people came. Then I gave a brief introduction on Common Voice. Then I asked them to write at least 50 sentences for each person. Each people came up with 50 new sentences by writing down those in a paper. Few people have written double. We got more than 1500+ sentences from the whole event.

Then me and few Mozilla volunteers (Mahay Alam Khan, SM Sarwar Nobin from Bangladesh, Shiladittya Paul, Shouvik Mukherjee, Sayantan Dutta from India) who typed those sentences for digital submission. Special thanks go to you guys.

Participants were highly inspired by this event. We got great success. Thanks, Mozilla for giving us a nice opportunity. I am a professional bengali linguist. It’s pleasure to work with this project.



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