GNOME 3.24 Portland Release – Kolkata Meetup


Again another open source community, now it is GNOME…….

Two days ago, I have successfully organised GNOME 3.24 Portland Release party with few open source community member around Kolkata. Yes, this was the first ever GNOME community meetup in Kolkata.

Meetup Agenda:

  • Introduction What is GNOME?
  • Why are we celebrating GNOME 3.24 Release Parties?
  • Changes in GNOME 3.24
  • What are areas they can start contribution?
  • GNOME Kolkata group formation
  • How to engage new contributor in GNOME Kolkata
  • How to spread awareness around Kolkata
  • How to engage local people in GNOME Kolkata
  • Future Meeting planning

We had a fruitful discussion on every topic. This is just a start.

Here is group photo.