Privacy education for smartphone user


Recently I organised one event on “Privacy education for smartphone user”. My focus is to create internet privacy awareness among very new smartphone users, where most of them started using smartphone a few months back.

In this event, I started with very basic things like smartphone features, social app etc. Then I jumped to the basic of internet privacy. There I have discussed how our data is being sold, how other internet users are tracking us when we are surfing internet etc.
Not only that, even I told them why people don’t care about their data privacy. After that, I have shown them various solutions which can help them to save their internet privacy.

Also, I shared how to protect privacy on Android.

Here is my slide.

Thanks DuckDuckGo for helping me to organise this awesome event.  27 people came up during the event. After the events, all participants showed that they have learnt somethings new which help them to enhance their online life.